Manejo de composites en pacientes periodontales

During the conference I will present a simplified and dynamic protocol to be able to treat the aesthetic sequelae of periodontal treatments thanks to the handling of composites and the use of anatomical matrices.

The injection of the fluid resin into the defects through the matrices allows us to improve the adjustment of the adhesive interface, generating ideal emergent profiles for periodontal maintenance. Combining it with direct veneering helps us to create essential aesthetic camouflage in these cases, Throughout the conference we will see how to treat from a small diastema or black triangle to regenerate a whole smile in a single clinical session, always respecting minimal invasion and biological aspects.

• Specialist in "Restorative Dentistry based on new technologies" (Complutense University of Madrid)

• Associate Professor Complutense University of Madrid, "Master in Restorative Dentistry based on new technologies"

• Co-Director Own Title "Layering with composites in anterior teeth", Cremades & Giovane Education

• Founder and Clinical Director of "Giovane Odontoiatria" Italy

• Director of the Aesthetic Area and Oral Rehabilitation "Ivan Malagon Clinic" Madrid

• Exclusive Private Practice in Dental Aesthetics and Oral Rehabilitation in Italy, Madrid, and Paris

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52nd Annual SEPES Congress, October 12, 13 and 14, 2023, Valencia

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