Alberto Manzano

Criteria to take into account for a predictable treatment with fixed tooth-supported restorations and the BOPT philosophy.

The management and modification of the gingival tissues around the restorations in fixed prostheses has always been the most difficult challenge for the dentist to achieve. With the vertical carving technique, the clinician and dental laboratory technician can interact with the surrounding tissue to change its shape. Vertical carving is a restorative protocol that aims to imitate dental nature since it transfers the convex anatomy of a tooth to the final prosthesis, causing the gum to adapt around the new shapes and profiles.

General objectives of the conference:

-Instruct attendees in the knowledge of the BOPT philosophy in teeth.

-Know the handling of the BOPT provisional prosthesis for optimal modeling of the surrounding gingival tissue.

Specific objectives:

-Concept and indications of the vertical preparation technique.

-Protocol of milling and preparation of the provisional.

-Modification of the gingival profile and scalloping, varying the prosthetic emergence.

-Taking of functionalized impressions and preparation of the master model.

-Clinical precautions for the use of the technique.

-Criteria for obtaining correct periodontal health and gingival stability over time.


-Degree in Dentistry (Complutense University of Madrid)

-Doctor in Dentistry (University of Valencia).

-Master in Orofacial Prosthesis (Complutense University of Madrid).

-Titular Professor of the Department of Stomatology (Prosthodontics and Occlusion Unit) of the University of Valencia.

-Author of 5 books and more than 150 national and international articles related to Prosthodontics.

- Awarded 10 SEPES awards between the years 2010-2022; 4 of them being SEPES Gascón for the best annual research.

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52nd Annual SEPES Congress, October 12, 13 and 14, 2023, Valencia

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