The Dynamic Digital Patient. The Importance of Real Human Movements Utilizing Axiography

After 20 years of using axiographies from different manufacturers and following the evolution from magnetic fields to sound, and now optics, we can definitely conclude that every single patient has a unique pattern of motion that is based not only on Ostheokinematics also depends on the Arthrokinematics and that is why the trajectories in the articular joints super impose on top of tomograms make the difference in the proper diagnostic and treatment.

The new era of digital integration facilitates not only the proper diagnostic based on trajectory also allows to execute the proper treatment plan to complete the concept of the dynamic digital patient and in addition we have the capabilities to export these trajectories to manufacturing programs.

In this lecture you will understand mandibular trajectories, TMJ trajectories, dynamic integration with cone beam and digital impression and all the possibilities in planning and manufacturing.

Dr. Vasquez obtained his Doctor in Dental Medicine degree at the Metropolitan University in 1997. He obtained his Fellowship in Fukuoka, Japan and a Mastership in the USA from ICCMO (International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics).

Dr. Vasquez the founder of Miami Natural Smiles by Oral Design Dental Clinic where together with an amazing clinical team of Doctors develop the most comprehensive and high end esthetic cases implementing the most advanced technology, science and dental art.

As part of his education commitments Dr. Vasquez is a current Clinical Adjunct Faculty at the Dental College of Augusta University in the Prosthodontist Program where he shares educational programs several times per year and also at the Biofunctional Dynamics Academy in Dijon, France, Barranquilla, Colombia and Miami, USA.

Dr. Vasquez is one of the early adopters in CAD CAM evolution for over 18 years and in the last 6 years has been an active developer into the integration and interdisciplinary treatment using 3D Data Integration.

Dr. Vasquez is a member of the world-renowned organization Oral Design founded by Master Ceramist Mr. Willi Geller. He owns Oral Design Miami, dental laboratory studio focusing on high esthetics and function.

As a dentist, master ceramist, passionate education leader, clinical consultant and international speaker in the areas of occlusion, craniocervical dysfunction and high end esthetics he lives by his motto: “The limit is the sky! to dream, to learn, and to do! Live life!

We are already digital, and now, what?

52nd Annual SEPES Congress, October 12, 13 and 14, 2023, Valencia

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