New trends in chairside digital biomimetic dentistry.

Chairside dentistry has always meant a paradigm shift in the workflow of the dental clinic. However, the limitation in the design of restorations, the time required to use it and the limited number of millable materials, combined with the considerable investment, were a limiting factor for its development. Today the evolution and wide adoption of digital technology such as intraoral scanners and open CAM systems, combined with the new generation of ceramic materials, open up a much broader field for the application of chairside treatments.

Learning points

- Understand the optical and mechanical properties necessary for biomimetic restorations.

- Advantages and limitations of current and new generation materials.

- Key factors for the design of preparations with digital flow.

- Guidelines for satisfactory manufacturing and finishing.


Degree in Dentistry from the “Instituto Superior das Ciencias da Saude – Norte.” Porto Portugal.

Specialist in Aesthetic Dentistry. Faculty of Dentistry of the Complutense University of Madrid.


Professor of the Clinical Course of Implantology Autonomous University of Madrid 2009-2014.

Director Jacobo Somoza Institute.

We are already digital, and now, what?

52nd Annual SEPES Congress, October 12, 13 and 14, 2023, Valencia

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