Dear friends and professional colleagues in Dentistry in general and Prosthetics and Aesthetics in particular, it is a pleasure to introduce you to the 52nd Annual SEPES Congress that will take place from October 12 to 14, 2023 in Valencia.

Under the motto "We are already digital. And now, what?" We have designed, from a multidisciplinary approach, a program that will be explained by prestigious national and international speakers with a focus on the different options that we face in our clinics now that we are digital, a necessary approach in times of great technological changes in our profession. But what do we do? Do we abandon analogue? Do we get enough digitally? Is everything that is being developed useful or are we going to fall into things that are not very useful?


All this is what we want to develop in this congress and for us, as important as having a lineup of prestigious speakers, is to offer attendees a wide and varied commercial exhibition that is useful for clinicians and technicians attending the congress.

As a novelty in this edition of Valencia, apart from the presentations of the congress, the sessions of the Industry Symposium and the sponsored workshops, there is the possibility of having an after-work meeting or a symposium lunch in which you can attend guests to see a presentation of products in a dynamic way in a relaxed atmosphere typical of a cocktail. We believe that they are interesting options to modernize relations between the company and SEPES that benefit all delegates.

Our logo shows, in the first place, the "S", representative abbreviation of SEPES, on a coloured background, in which we have wanted to capture the colours of our land, our Orange trees, the ears of our Rice fields, the red tones and whites of our Wines. Warm colours of the Sand of our beaches, Aquamarine colours representative of our Coast.

It also shows two very important buildings in the city, where we express the importance of monuments and the difference we want to express between analog and digital.

One of the monuments, "La Puerta de Serranos of the city wall", made in the past, surely by freehand, with few plans and with more rudimentary techniques and yet impressive and unbeatable, and which has proven its validity throughout of several centuries.

And another more current one, “El Reina Sofía”, framed within the City of Arts and Sciences, already designed with CAD computers and made with avant-garde materials and current engineering.

The first placed at the bottom, expressing its seniority, and the second at the front, expressing that it is more current, has yet to demonstrate that it is capable of maintaining itself over time.

This is the simile that we want to express in this meeting. Surely, we will be able to maintain many analogue techniques for years to come since all that digital technology offers us are great "tools", but only that, they are not the end in themselves, but they are very useful to achieve it. However, they must prove their worth over time because it is impossible to constantly invest every 3 or 4 years to renew our tools.

With the conviction that you will find many reasons to join us, we look forward to seeing you at SEPES VALENCIA 2023.

Vicente Farga Monzó

Congress Chair of the LII Annual Meeting of SEPES.

We are already digital, and now, what?

52nd Annual SEPES Congress, October 12, 13 and 14, 2023, Valencia

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