Impact of digital workflows and disruptive technologies in the patient journey

The objective of this conference will be to describe the impact that new digital flows and other disruptive technologies have on the patient's perception throughout their treatment. During the patient's experience, the dentist can handle different digital tools that make the patient perceive sensations different from the conventional ones, both in the initial phases, as well as in the diagnosis or uptake of the same, the treatment itself, and the follow-up and/or maintenance.It is increasingly likely that while the patient decides where or with whom get treatment, research through the internet about concepts that they do not master, but are of interest. At this stage, the use of Web 3.0 technology can have a significant impact on the patient's decisions. During the diagnosis stage, the current dentist has changed many tools with which to make a more precise diagnosis, but also to make the patient understand their needs . In this phase, digital tools have gained particular importance for years, but the integration of technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality, which can further improve diagnostic accuracy, patient understanding and treatment planning. It is in the treatment stage where numerous technologies are implemented that improve its precision and meet the patient's expectations of shortening times, shortening the number of acts, reducing morbidity... Intraoral scanners, surgical-prosthetic guides, solutions of immediate aesthetics, prosthetic solutions...

Finally, a stage that is sometimes more difficult for us to monitor is the maintenance phase, where we can also include new technologies that allow us to control their monitoring. Undoubtedly, the integration of new technologies and disruptive tools can improve results and meet the expectations of patients, improving their experience... but can or should everything be left to technology?

• Degree in DENTISTRY from the Alfonso X el Sabio University

• Postgraduate in implantology from the USC

• Master's degree from the Superior School of Implantology in Barcelona and Loma Linda University.

• Founder of Periospot

• Global Director DSO Academy at Straumann Group

We are already digital, and now, what?

52nd Annual SEPES Congress, October 12, 13 and 14, 2023, Valencia

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