Carillas cerámicas digitales: Aplicación del láser Er en el workflow digital.

The demand for beauty that we are experiencing in our society together with the high level of information from our patients and the cult of care and health mean that the demand to achieve the desired aesthetic is through minimally invasive processes such as ceramic veneers.
Given these two demands from our patients, we must add the speed of our society and the need to experience new experiences and the perception of high technology in our consultations.
Faced with these expectations and needs, the cutting edge of technology has been a key point in satisfying the demands of our patients. Thanks to the incorporation of the intraoral scanner and the milling machine, we have managed to change treatment times, reducing them to a single visit. On the other hand, and thanks to laser technology, we managed to remove old veneers in a minimally invasive way, changing the experience of our patients when renewing treatment with old veneers that they dislike aesthetically.
In this conference we will address these concepts as well as see another application of the laser in dentistry such as microetching of the dental substrate that improves the adhesive values in dentin and enamel.

• Graduate in Dentistry. (University of Barcelona).
• Master in Oral Rehabilitation and Maxillofacial Prosthesis (University of Barcelona).
• Certificate in Current Concepts in American Dentistry: Cosmetic Dentistry & Oral Rehabilitation. (NYU).
• Collaborating professor in the Master's Degree in Aesthetics at the European University of Madrid and the Master's Degree in Aesthetic Adhesive Oral Rehabilitation of Medium and High Complexity. UCAM.
National and international lecturer and Author of publications on Aesthetics and implantology.

We are already digital, and now, what?

52nd Annual SEPES Congress, October 12, 13 and 14, 2023, Valencia

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