Are horizontal finishing lines still up to date in our tooth preparations?

The last few years have brought about a revolution in terms of how we should prepare the teeth for different types of indirect restorations, such as full coverage crowns, veneers, inlays, etc.

In addition, current materials, technology, and cementation and/or adhesion procedures also influence the design of dental carvings, conditioning the type of preparation.

All this can create many doubts as to whether to prepare a horizontal or vertical finishing line, or even not to prepare any type of preparation line.

These doubts are very justified and for this reason I will try to explain the indications, advantages and disadvantages of the different types of dental preparations, focusing on the most favorable situations to make horizontal finishing lines and why it is a type of preparation that is still valid today.


Degree in Dentistry from the University of Granada.

Master's degree in oral implantology from the University of Seville.

Director of the title of specialist in clinical implant prosthesis of the Isabel 1 University.

Member of the Bioemulation group.

He collaborates or has collaborated as a visiting professor in various university master's degrees and teaches courses on aesthetics, prosthetics and implants

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